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WC 1961-63

Was someone enquiring about being at WC 1962-64.
I was 1961-63 and I am Alan Huddart.
Is anyone out there?
Don Armour

Welcome aboard Alan, it was Charlotte (ex Colwyn Bay Grammar School) who was enquiring (see "Hello Boys" thread)

I was there '66 - '68 and, yes, there are several of us out there although most seem to remain deep and silent.
Don Armour

Yet another highly successful and enjoyable reunion has drawn to a close.

Of course, the free drinks helped but did ANYONE manage to use up a whole card??

Many thanks to John and all those involved.

1963 Vintage

Hi Alan,

Have just rejoined after many years...

I was there in 1963 and loved every minute, best place on earth for a 15 year old, Burtons Dance hall etc..

Looking for Rueben Buttegieg (?) from Gibraltar in the same class.


Glynn Burhouse


Sorry - I do not have a registration for him as yet. But WC are finding us all the time!
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