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Times they are achanging...

I have received a rather obscure email from EE. As you may know the WC web site was originally hosted by Freeserve using free web space. Well almost free because as you dialed in on a 56k modem a portion of the call charge made by BT went to Freeserve. So for the past ten years or so I have kept the web space by using my 56k modem going alongside my Broadband. However, Freeserve became Wanadoo and Wandoo became Orange and Orange became EE,  (got a nose bleed yet?). Well somewhere along the line whoever owned the servers stopped giving free webspace. The recent email says that dial up is being discontinued from the end of October. Having spoken with EE Customer services it seems that we have been sitting on a long forgotten server. The bottom line is when dial up goes so does the WC web. I am working on a basic site to take its place with a new service provider. The url (address) will stay as because we own that domain and I can point the url to any service provider (a redirect). However, the email addy must change from to
I am sure you can see why given the 'freeserve' in the former of the two. You can continue to use the old email addy until the end of the month. There is a lot to do so the new site will be built up over time. We will have less space and so the pics may not be able to go over. They are of course all on our Face Book page. I will put a link to this forum on the new web as a matter of priority. The new web space will be provided by Google sites which fits in nicely with the emergency email I set up some months back in anticipation. To precis: dont panic! web same address but email changes.
Don Armour

Freeserve begat Wanadoo and Wanadoo begat Orange and Orange begat EE, sounds like something out of the Old Testament!

Thanks for the info Dah.
Jack Edwards

I have received a rather obscure message from Dah!  Sorry Dah,you know I'm naturally dumb!!! Don my official 'carer' will put me right. Thanks,Jack.
Don Armour

So what was the message Jack?
Jack Edwards

Don,I regret to report that I clicked on Dah's message of Oct.3rd 2014 thinking it was a current message!!!!!!!!!! I will have to lay off 'captain morgan' for a while! Sorry! Jack.
Don Armour

No worries, my respects to the Captain!! Very Happy  Very Happy
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