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Rules of the Forum

Hi Everyone,


I like to keep rules to a minumum but experience has shown that we must have rules for the security and comfort of everyone and to ensure that this forum is used and operated in accordance with the regulations of the third party service provider - and the laws of this land. Use it correctly or we loose it!

I recommend that after registering you set your profile NOT to show your email address when posting.

I would suggest that when you choose a User ID you use your real name or nickname as this is how viewers will see who posted what. If we all use an alias then it going to get very confusing. I can help (I think) if you want to change your ID but this may mean loosing what you have already posted. You could be A. Smith or Arnold Smith or even just Arnold or Arnie although we do have numerous Daves in the Log Book!

As far as rules go for now I will simply say:

Rule One
Please make newcomers welcome and help them whenever possible.
Rule Two
Do be as 'PC' as reasonably possible and remember the laws of this land in relation to this.
Rule Three
No Spamming
Rule Four
No porn!
Rule Five
No offensive language
Rule Six
Do not pass on email addresses without permission from the owner
Rule Seven
No Ads without prior permission from the Administrator

Please note that I am able to delete posts and they will be removed instantly. However, it may take some weeks for the web cache to clear and posts will remain visible to others. I have no control over third party cache - sorry.

Finally as Administrator I have the ability to block or remove posts and to prevent further posts from a user. So please abide by the rules or end up in the Brig!
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