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REUNION - 2014

WEEKEND OF Friday 28th March to Sunday 30th March

Invitations have already been despatched for the 2014 reunion.
Postal invitations have not been sent as none have been requested.

Don't forget if you have not received an email please contact me as a matter of urgency.

Please pass details on
Please do not forget your deposit for the hotel!

Thank you! John & Dah
Don Armour

Well, yet another excellent and very successful Reunion, many thanks John for all your efforts. (From one "last man standing" to another).

It was, as it ALWAYS is, so good to see so many friends, some old, some new and some I haven't seen for TOO MANY years. (Yes JCC - MBE, I mean YOU)

Notwithstanding Einstein's "Toilet Paper Theory", I look forward to next year!!

Great shame the "London" has closed, the only damper on proceedings (anyone who doesn't understand that last comment is more than welcome to ask on THIS forum!!!)

REUNION 2014 - Pics

I have just sent the second batch of pics up to Pete to load on his web space. The WC ran out of free space some years back! Yesterday I send the first batch of the trip to the park and the stone.
Rolande Howey

Hi Dah,
          Could you supply a link to "Petes place"? Will this be the location for any WC information in the future?


Hello Rolly

Hi Rolly!
Good to hear from you and sorry for delay in reply.

We have been using Pete's space for some time and you have in fact been viewing it without knowing. The last couple of galleries look like you are still on but actually the menu links take you to some space on Pete's server. So no need for further address Surprised)

Now .. the serious stuff... just when are we going to get you to a reunion!!!

Rolande Howey

Thanks Dave,
                  Thanks for clearing that up for me. As to the reunion; I shall come one day, probably when I'm not working full time. But I do admire all the good work that you and Jon put into each occasion.
I'm  one of the many people that Jack complains about; who take a great interest in the WC forum, but don't contribute a great deal.

Best Wishes Roly.


Glad to hear your going to make it one of these days and look forward to that day S O O N !!  LOL
Don Armour

Likewise Rolande, the more the merrier! Forum Index -> Reunion News and Admin
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