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Hello Everyone,
Just to let you know that I have this morning emailed John Mottram (reunion Skipper) regarding REUNION 2013 which will no doubt be held as usual at the County Hotel Llandudno.

An email will issue shortly giving you instructions on how to book a room at the hotel for one, two or three nights, or to attend the reunion Banquet or simply attend just the bar. Do not book with the hotel directly as the info email will cover all this in the FAQ's.

We hope that some of our found ...but not seen members will come and join us this year.

A deposit will be required for the hotel room and/or meal and you will be advised on how to pay this shortly.

Watch this space - and Merry Christmas Everyone!

News Flash

John phoned me this evening to say that the REUNION 2013 Banquet will be held on Saturday March 23rd at the County Hotel Llandudno.

This means that the reunion will last from Friday 22nd Mar to Sunday 24th Mar inclusive.

An email will issue very shortly with instructions how to book. When it does we will need to move swiftly to ensure that the correct number of rooms are available and/or sufficient seats at the Banquet.

Since the reunions began an invitation has been sent by post to all those who do not have email addys. Last year I asked anyone in receipt of the postal invitation to let me know if they wish to continue to receive it. Only one replied and that was a no thank you. Consequently no postal invites will be sent out this year.

Another Success

Just back from North Wales and another fine reunion organised by John. Thank you Skipper!

No problems getting home. Birmingham had it bad by the look of the pavement drifts. Its colder here in Northamptonshire than up there!

Come on.. if you have not been before come in 2014 - you will enjoy it.

Oh and Don .. we pooled all the ' holeless' cards left on the Sunday night to make sure they were used up. Sadly the last hole had to be used on a soft drink!
Don Armour

Yet another highly successful and enjoyable reunion has drawn to a close.

Of course, the free drinks helped but did ANYONE manage to use up a whole card themselves??

It's good that the "holes" went to a good cause.

Many thanks to John and all those involved.
Don Armour

Any news on when the photos of the 2013 reunion will be published?

I know that many were taken and that some of our colleagues from the far flung corners of the world look forward to seeing them.


I will ask Grant if he can email them yet.
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