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Request for Assistance - Arthur C Clarke

Text of an email sent 24.5.13

Subject: Wireless College - Request for assistance

A few days ago Peter Robinson, (Keeper of the WC Chronicles), received a request for information from Robert Godwin. Robert emailed to say:

''Dear Mr Robinson,
I am writing in the hope that you might be able to help me find out something about the Colwyn Bay Wireless College. I noted your website with interest and I was wondering if you happen to know if any attendee journals exist from World War 2? Specifically 1941-2.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Best regards

To Precis further exchanges: Pete told Robert that unfortunately the records for the WC were destroyed when it closed in the early 70's. Robert explained to Pete that he was currently editing a book about the life of Arthur C. Clarke written by Arthur's late brother Fred. Robert went on to say that he had discovered that in late 1940 Arthur was working in the civil service and was relocated away from London to get away from the blitz. He was employed at the Ministry of Food. He ended up at the following address: Mount Melleray Victoria Avenue Colwyn Bay. That would place him within 200 yards of the Wireless College. Within four months Arthur was in the RAF as a radio/wireless mechanic and on his way to becoming one of the principal engineers on radar. Coincidence? Could the WC have played a part? Arthur left Colwyn Bay in March 1941. He said he had snuck away from his civil service job one afternoon and signed up without telling anyone at work. Given Arthur's presence in the Bay and proximity to the WC could he have possibly found his way to the Wireless College?

Can you provide Robert with any information? Do you recall Arthur? Do you have any information regarding the War time Ministry of Food? Or any recollections that may prove to be of help to Robert?

Thank you for your assistance,

Don Armour

Perhaps Bill might know something.
James Clarke

Arthur C Clarke

Dave & Peter

I wonder if the following could provide any leads to your enquiry about Arthur C Clarke's (no relation as far as I know) residence in the Colwyn Bay area and whether he might have been involved in anything at the WC:

At Llandudno Junction sidings (just east of the junction) there was a very large red brick warehouse which I understand held stocks of food to be allocated and distributed via rail in an emergency (perhaps including the war) It was only in recent years that the warehouse was changed to other uses.  Arthur C's work in the Ministry of Food could well have been connected with that facility.

Another very weak lead: The Saunder's Roe facility at Llanfaes, Beaumaris was involved in Radar work as well as building/assembling Flying Boats that were shipped in from USA during WWII. Forum Index -> Jack & Alans Hostilery
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