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Peter F Jones - WC 1943

Peter F.Jones.   Silent Key. By Jack Edwards
I have the sad duty to inform all members of the death of PETER F.JONES,87 years,of Auckland,New Zealand,after a very long illness. He was born in Pontypool,South Wales and was a great Rugby Union supporter.
Peter was a great Mate of Don Goode and myself. He attended the Wireless College in 1943,where he received his Special Certificate. He  served in the Merchant Navy during the latter stages of WW2. He returned to the College about 1946 to study for his P.M.G.Certificate,  Don Goode and I were privileged to become great friends with him on both his stays at the College. While we were waiting for ships after sitting our P.M.G.'s Peter and I  became expert Hoffman Pressers at Colwyn Bay Laundry!(But that's another story!) Peter met local girl Gwen Cush and they were married at St.John' Church,Colwyn Bay in 1949.
Peter had a period shoreside serving at Portishead Radio.  In 1949 he joined the liner RMS Magdalena,on her maiden voyage to Brazil. They succeeded in running the ship aground in Rio Harbour and she was a total loss!  We always teased him that it was his D/F bearings that caused the disaster.
Peter and Gwen emigrated to New Zealand where he had a variety of jobs including running a general stores. He liked to dabble on the Stock Exchange.
Peter leaves three children in New Zealand. Thank you Bronwen for looking after him so well.
Peter or 'P.F.' as we always knew him will be sorely missed...R.I.P. Peter Bach. Adios to one of  'The Three Amigos' Forum Index -> Silent Key
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