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How to Get an ID and password - 1

Hi Everyone,
If your thinking of moving over to the new forum heres how you do it.

1. Firstly go to
2. Select Enter
3. From the blue side menu click on the little red ball for Message Forum - just like for the old forum.
4. Now you will see a .gif picture which keeps changing from 'My New Forum' to 'Fun Forum' to 'Fine Forum' - click on the .gif picture.
5. The Index page for the new forum will now open.
6. Now we need to get you a user ID and password.
7. Almost right at the top of the page you can see the words 'join free' click on this link.
8. An agreement page will open up and you should read this and then click on the link that confirms you are over 13 years old! tee hee.
9. Now fill in the form that appears.
10. In the Registration Information box I would complete all fields and dont forget to type in the confirmation code (same sort of thing as you used to for each post on the old forum). For your user ID please use your real name i.e. John Smith or john smith rather than an alias as this ID is shown beside all your posts. ID's are not case sensitive but passwords are. Dont put a full stop on the end or it will become part of your ID.
11. In the profile info box I would at least for now just put Website (if you have a personal one you wrote) Location (probably just county and country (Northants UK) and Interests (Steam trains) etc
12. In the Preferences box tick dont show my email address on posts - we can change this latter once we know how secure this site is.
13. You can leave the rest of the preferences at the defaults for now - we can always change them later.
14. Press Submit
So now you have a user ID and password and your ready to move on to the next stage of using the forum which I will cover in my next post.

Using the forum - 2

Ok so now your ready to start the new forum experience!

Note that you do NOT have to be signed on to read the posts. However you DO need to be signed on to post. It is best to sign on as when you do all new posts since your last visit can be seen by clicking on the words 'View all posts since last visit' sneaky eh?
You will also note that beside each sub forum there is a grey or yellow bell. A yellow bell indicates a new post within - a grey one no new posts. The page you see when you first sign on is called the index page. Effectively it is many separate forums and not just one forum. You click on the forum title that you want to see or post into and the read or post. Be careful to decide if you are REPLYING to a previous post or starting a NEW TOPIC.
Well thats about it for the basics. But if you have problems or need more post a question in the FORUM HELP at the bottom of the site and I will reply and update this help guide for future newcomers,
Dah Forum Index -> Forum Help
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