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charlotte honychurch


Hi do any of you remember the gorgeous girls at the grammar school from 1962-1964 who you used to meet in the Miami and various other places no doubt!!!???
I have a great photo of about 10 of you lounging around on the prom and I lived opposite I know you all !!! Wink
I think thats enough excitement for now!!!!!
Jack Edwards

I Don't believe it!!!!!!!For some years two ancient ex merchant seamen and one not so ancient merchant seaman cum have been striving without result to get our 'younger' members to come aboard us on the forum!Then  suddenly out of the wide blue yonder comes a gorgeous grammar school girl with a James Bond heroine sounding name!  Hi Charlotte,I note that you are interested in ,lost merchant seamen and lost dogs. Well you've found three of them ,thanks for finding us and Dave Baker our Leader is a great dog lover and shows his dogs at many shows! Miami meeting place eh? Well in my days the 1940's we used to meet in more prosaic sounding names Adneys Snack Bar in Seaview Road and the Dingle Cafe,up the steps!  I hope the thought of you gorgeous girls in your gymslips and your hockey sticks will stir the blood of some of our members and tear them away from the fireside in their carpet slippers doing the Times crossword!Perhaps they may even be persuaded to contribute their memories of those days,if they dare!  By the way I married one of the gorgeous grammar school girls circa 1940's we still  are are! Thanks Charlotte for making an ancient mariner happy!!! TTFN Jack. P.S. I don't suppose you know what TTFN means!
Jack Edwards

Charlotte,I meant to mention that on the Main College Site at,click enter, on the left hand side is a list of subjects with red dots at the side. 17 of them are photo galleries of ex students.  Jack.
charlotte honychurch

oh goody a reply

Very Happy
Thanks for the reply...yes Ive seen the pics thanks...I am on one of them !!!!!!!
Well done for marrying a grammar school girl! I wonder if some of the staff were there in their younger days...does she remember
1. Hep.. Miss Heptonstall
2. Ma Parry Miss Parry who usd to be very very friendly with Josh who taught maths
3. Butch who taught physics
4. Daddy Dawkins who taught history
5.poor Scraggs who taught french and was shell shocked in the war
6. ME Roberts who taught Biology
7. Mr Mrs Clatworthy
8. RE Roberts   THE BOSS
I was there 1957-1962
Of course we all remember the Dingle but the caff wasnt our watering hole!!
The lads we remember werent there when you were there and dont seem to be on the members list although I seem to recognise a couple of names.
Is Maureen near the end Mo that was at Wavecrest???
I lived over the road to wavecrest!!! Lovely could keep my eye on everyones comings and goings!!!!!
The lads I remember may be remembered by some on here but can see that not many pop on..but maybe turn up at reunions????
well these are the names that spring to mind
Ian Urquart who was the snappy camera south african
Jim Fisher
Hugh Gillespie
Nick Dean
John Edwards
Terry Plant
Dick Wilgress
Ray ? lived at wavecrest
Peter Couch
Hugh (bit gorgeous looking!!! and well remembered by most)
Alan? with glasses and a beard I think
I have a pic of a group lounging on the prom from 1962
Anyway sorry to have raised the blood pressure with thoughts of gymslips...think we abandonned them and just rolled our skirts over several times to make them short...great with our white sox!!!!!
I have a springer spaniel and we do agility..he's a rescue and I do voluntary work for DOG LOST.
nighty night for now!!! Wink
charlotte honychurch

BY THE WAY.......

I should have ended by saying

and as my old school chum recently reminded me we used to put on the back of envelopes  S.W.A.L.K (of course) and  Come on postman, dont be slow, be like Elvis GO MAN GO!!!!!!

Jack Edwards

Thanks Charlotte,I didn't think you were old enough to know what TTFN meant!   My Wife remembers,Miss Heptonstall and Miss Parry. By the way we were speaking to an ex Grammar School girl in the Bay recently who said that Miss Heptonstall had to quote her "Walked into the Sea!" My Wife was too shocked to question her further!  Miss Heptonstall appears in the Friends Reunited Site  'C.B.Grammar School'discussions' and on the BBC North Wales 'School interviews' Site. TTFN Jack.
Jack Edwards

Charlotte,I think Ian Urquart and Terry Plant may still be on our list. I will dig further and let you know. TTFN Jack.
Don Armour

Yes, welcome aboard Charlotte but you must realise that you've fallen among thieves and vagabonds  Very Happy  Very Happy

I was at THE College from '66 to '68 so we probably wouldn't have met.

"Then I snap my finger ha, ha-ho, ho
I don't care should the parent pine
Once aboard the lugger and the girl is mine."

Where does that come from Jack??

Incidentally, I've had a few emails from Alan, so hopefully he's on his way back into circulation
Jack Edwards

Charlotte,sorry you had to meet our resident cad! Terrible reputation,when he twirls his moustache,girls go weak at the knees! Don,my old Dad used to sing that ditty to's from 'The Good Ship Yakki Hikki Doola' Charlotte,you can see now why we are outcasts from the more sober minded ex students. I will retire from your nicely named 'Hell boys Site' Oops I meant to say 'Hello boys!' A freudian slip eh Don? See you on the 'Bull Site'TTFN Jack.
charlotte honychurch

Hi Don.   was Alan a   er umm robust gentleman with glasses...I cant find my pic of chaps on the prom but must have a search.
Jack I think it was Trenny  ie Miss Trehearne, latin mistresss that walked into the sea although Miss H may also have done.
Anyway thanks for replying Very Happy
Jack Edwards

Hi Charlotte,e the Heppy mystery, my, Wife remembers Trenny as a french mistress. She can't imagine Heppy 'walking into the sea'. Perhaps there was an ex teachers sea bathing club. Sorry,rather bad taste unlike this Tavern! I heard that, Don!  By the way, Alan certainly wasn't portly as you diplomatically put it and didn't wear glasses. He was well before your time was our Alan. TTFN Jack.
charlotte honychurch

Old Girls!!!

Trennibus seddibus on the deskiorum
Deskibus collapsibus Trenny on the florum!!!
Maybe she gravitated to latin over time.
No cant see Miss H walking into the sea but Trenny def did in old colwyn, think after her mother died and think after retirement.....a chap called Mr Griffiths took over and had everyone singing Gaudiamus Igitur!!!!!!
Was your wife there when CI Jones (maths and arithmetic) composed the school song 'A school by the sea with the hills looking on...........

Yes sadly I was way behind you erstwhile stalwarts!!!! where you there before, after or during the war????   er 2nd world war !!!!! Laughing  Shocked
Must dash got to get to my TANGO CLASS Wink
Don Armour

The Russian Tango class submarines (Project 641B Som [Catfish]

Now THIS is what I call a "Tango Class".

Ah, happy days.
charlotte honychurch

tango class

Crikey. Ive stirred SOMETHING!!!!!That looks amazing, so when was that taken and why was it tango class??? What were you boys up to????? Were  you radio officers on sub marines????????down in the bowels??
Don Armour

NATO named Soviet submarine classes by the phonetic alphabet Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta etc., in fact, at one stage we had run out of letters of the alphabet, the Sovs had so many different classes of submarine!

The photo was taken sometime in the late '70s or '80s as I recall.

At that time I was in the Royal Air Force, flying in Nimrod Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft (a career that spanned some 20 years) and surveillance of both surface and subsurface vessels was our stock in trade, along with Search and Rescue duties and other tasks.

Of course, all that has gone with the scrapping of both the Nimrod and its successor the MRA4 following the loss of an aircraft in Afghanistan a couple of years ago and the scathing conclusions of the Haddon-Cave report into the incident.
Jack Edwards

Blimey Charlotte,you've managed to get more postings on this Forum in a couple of weeks than we've managed in years! Strange what black stockings,suspenders and gym slips can do! No I am not related to Mr.Saville!You've managed to get more Info from our Don than we ever did. he tells us that he is bound by the Official Secrets Act and would have to kill us if told us any secrets! Alan who is at present rather 'under the weather' now resides in wildest Peru. We were at the College at the latter days of the Boer War. I wonder if the O.S.Act prevents Don telling me if I was correct with his poser re the Good Ship Yakki Hikki Doola? I'm sorry that we haven't managed to stir up the red blood in the veins of our members with memories of their youth. What's new? we will keep on trying! TTFN Jack.
Don Armour

Black stockings? Suspenders? Gym slips?  Good heavens, I gave up wearing them AGES ago!!! Very Happy  Very Happy

Quite right Jack, I would have to kill you ALL if I told you any secrets - which is why nothing I've spoken of is a secret (well, apart, perhaps from the sentence above!!)

Of course, falling back on the O.S.A. is just a face saving alternative to admitting I can't remember.

I replied to your question in the Bulls Hit (see, I remembered the space this time) but just to reiterate, yes, Jack you were quite right as, of course, you already knew.

I must agree that Charlotte has engendered an increase in postings and most welcome it is too but the replies still seem only to be from the usual suspects. (Note, NO split infinitive this time!)

Being strictly NON-sexist, I must say that ANY new contributor who showed an interest in the Forum would likely have achieved the same result, (probably with replies from the same sources) unlike those, now consigned to the fires of the old Tavern, who popped in once or twice and were never heard of again.

I DO hope that Charlotte will not be one of them, it is so nice to have some fresh comment. (See, I do take the odd day off from being the College Cad!! - Have Some Madeira M'Dear).

Mind you, I guess we'll have to save some of the more risqué stories and jokes for emails.
charlotte honychurch

Deep Water

M'mmm I search for Lost Dogs, little did I know it would lead me to searching for old sea dogs!!!!!!
What exciting lives you've led!!So what else have you all been up to apart from strutting your stuff in Fifty Shades of Grey??
To what lengths have you gone  to seek out these young lads that have gone missing, so to speak??? chrystal balls apart......  Is there anyone special that you'd like to hear from??
Do you think, perchance, that they may have migrated to Facebook????
Well boys, time for my beauty sleep.
Jack Edwards

Charlotte, I'm sure we have never strutted our stuff as you put it. We should be so lucky!  As for the missing ex students. We know where they are alright, but they just want to be left alone it seems. They don't know what they are missing with such sparkling reparte that abounds on our Forum! Best joke of the year so far......Man walks into Tescos and orders a beefburger. Waitress says. "What do you want on it?"  He replies, "£2. each way,please!" I heard that Don,well I liked it anyway. TTFN Jack.

charlotte honychurch

So when you were in colwyn bay, avidly studying at the wireless college, how did you amuse yourselves in your spare time?? I lived there from 1955-1966, well just came back in the hols from 1964-66 and what did you then go on and do....apart from the galant mr armour with all the excitement...... I remember lurking in the library a the hopes of seeing certain people........searching the daily telegraph to track whereabouts of ships...........
Don Armour

Charlotte, you have shown more interest in us since our departure from THE College than most of our erstwhile colleagues, so, enough about us, what is your story since those halcyon days?

It would be extremely rude of us not to take an interest and, while I may be a bit rough, I am certainly not rude. (I'm sure your English teacher would have appreciated the subtlety of that statement!!)

P.S. Yes Jack, I understood the nuance of your Tesco Beef(/horse/pig/human)burger comment - DEFINITELY NOT something I would care to eat, indeed any meat that has to be ground up and reconstituted with goodness knows what in it is outside of my tolerance zone (apart, of course, from the sausages at breakfast in the County Hotel - as a matter of good manners, I choose not to ask for an ingredients list!!!)

(In case you didn't know, Charlotte, the County Hotel Llandudno is where we hold our annual Reunions and its very good)
Don Armour

Top tip for you Charlotte, if you want to be notified in your email of any new posts, first register an email address in your profile, second, go to the top level forum index list and underneath the list of topics, you'll see a list of options "Mark all forums read | Watch all forums for new topics | Stop watching any forum".

click on the "Watch all forums for new topics" and you'll receive a notification in your email when anybody posts anything new, even a reply.

Or, of course, you can just call in and browse, however, it limits your contact to the forum threads alone but perhaps you would prefer that.
Jack Edwards

Well.looking back at my past life,I was only at the W.Coll. for a couple of weeks when I met my wife to be,still in her school uniform. So that will give you a good idea of what I did with my time for the main part. Then there were the cinemas,The Odeon,Arcadia,Princess and the little Cosy. I formed a football team rather a rag tag lot with lads from Ireland,Siam,and even England. Our famous victory was beating Bangor University 1-0,although having our own Ref. could have helped. We played on the Eirias Park Pitch. I also used to haunt the Library. They had Lloyds List which gave the movements of all merchant ships. My favourite magazine was 'wide world' do you recall that Don? After my seagoing stint I took over the running of the family business record shop in Liverpool. I was involved in the Liverpool music scene in the 1960's and had quite a few meeting with the Beatles in the shop. Oh if only I had got some autographs from the lads! By the way Ringo still owes me 6d he was short of for a Chuck Berry disc. TTFN Jack.
charlotte honychurch

yes the Lloyds list was in the Telegraph in the reference library.
Yes remember the Arcadia, back row!!!! Princess, no backrow activities permitted!!!! and was the Cosy in  Rhos, the flea pit???? saw Rock around the clock there!!!
Thanks Don I get the notifications..
Thick snow here at the mo so just got to check out some friends are ok
nighty night!!!!
Jack Edwards

I forgot to list my employment places to include Colwyn Bay Laundry. Three of us impoverished students got jobs at the above in between terms. They trained us as Hoffman Pressers,of a sort. A bit of Cinema history now!!! You are wrong about the old Princess Cinema,it was very friendly to the romantic users. the back row had double seats! The premises are now a Wetherspoons Pub. and very tastefully done out,keeping the old balcony,but not the back row! The Arcadia was the rough end of the trade. The film was always breaking down causing hoots of anger from us cheap seaters. The premises long demolished to make a G.P.O. extension.  The Odeon the posh one closed 1954 and there is block of flats Swny y Mor or Sound of the Sea,in it's place.  The Cosy was at 6 Conway Road,opposite Woolies. The famous wrong way round cinema had 300 seats. It closed in 1954 and is now a hardware shop. The Rhos on Sea cinema was the Playhouse ,now The Co op shop. Then there was the Supreme in Old Colwyn,long since closed down. Oh happy days and great films! The Odeon used to put on stage shows on Sunday nights featuring top swing bands. Hope this will bring back some memories.TTFN Jack.


Dear Charlotte,
As administrator of this forum and site webmaster I must bring to your attention that there are certain rules and regulations that for your own safety and that of the inmates must be strictly observed, namely:

1. Do not allow the inmates to become over excited, (the NHS is already overworked), this means absolutely no mention of Gym slips, hitched or otherwise,
2. Inmates should be kept at zimmer distance at ALL times,
3. Definately no sharp instruments allowed,
4. Sub mariners are best left submerged and not permitted to blow ballast,
5. Requests for DNA samples will always be refused.

Welcome to the forum! Good to hear of your work for Dog Lost. I am on the distribution list as I run a local dog club that trains and rehabilitates rescue dogs. Just under 1,500 dogs trained in 13 years.

Although the regulars keep this forum active we have around 270 WC registered with us and our annual reunions in Llandudno are well supported. Although some er hum have to be sent to bed quite early.

Being much much, much, younger than Jack I can only recall a few of the places he has spoken of. Like Jack I married a local girl 43 years ago. The WC has a lot to answer for (repeat this and I will deny it). We frequented the Princess which was owned by an Aunt of a previous girlfriend of mine. The Miami was our hangout being of the scooterist persuasion. The Dingle was still in operation in our days with one of the college lads frying up.

Would be interested in a scan of your photo for the gallery if you can find it. (Jack keeps sending me lantern slides and I can't scan them.)

Please let others know of our existence as I am sure there are many stories to tell.

Hope the guys you know turn up,
p.s. what gallery and pic No are you in?
Don Armour

Dah, I feel that I must comment on the revised Forum rules.

1. It is a LONG time since I got over excited and I thought that a gym slip was a note from my mother as to why I couldn't do P.E.
2. Since Charlotte lives in the Southeast and I live in Wiltshire (Jack in The Wirral and Alan in Peru) I'm sure that constitutes sufficient spacing.
3. Aw, not even my favourite scalpel?
4. I don't think we have any submariners (or TARGETS as we used to call them).
5. I thought that DNA was the initial letters of the National Dyslexic Association (work it out for yourself!).

Look forward to seeing you in March  Very Happy  Very Happy
Jack Edwards

Yes Dah,I am deeply hurt with the ageism so rampant in your last message. I think this is actually against the law nowadays. Us veterans in the second er third bloom of our youth must be afforded the respect we deserve. I was only discussing this matter at a meeting of the Mafeking Relievers Association last week. I feel I must warn any ladies thinking of joining in the wise and erudite happenings in our Forum that we have certain unsavoury members who prey on the fair sex asking for photographs etc and trying to coax them into wild Satanic rituals in the Dingle. TTFN Jack.
Don Armour

Hmm, I thought the wild Satanic rituals were held in the Large Morse Room every third full moon, with obeisance and sacrifice being made to the great Mesopotamian god Otto Al'Arm and the Irish demon O'Shenspan (they'd got up to number 7 when I was there), oh well, perhaps it was different in your day Jack.

Sanity was never in the job description.
Jack Edwards

Don,remember your manners,you are on somebody elses Site.Introducing your corny puns! For the information of non nautical types,Don means with reference to Otto etc an auto alarm and with O'shea etc an ocean span,both items of marine radio equipment. took me a couple of minutes to work them out!) He forgot to mention the famous Welsh brothers Dai Rect and Al Ternate,Current.  Of course there was Mal de Mare. Sickening is it not? TTFN Jack.
Trevor Clements

Colwyn Bay Grammar School

I had left (1959) by the time you are referring to so I doubt if you would know any of my CBG friends. Lovely kind people though; all of them,  I am still in touch with one of them from time to time.

Interesting thread though. Cool
Don Armour

Well JACK, calling MY puns corny is a bit rich. (I thought puns were SUPPOSED to be corny)

It did, however, put me in mind of a very nice oriental girl, I don't think I ever learned her name but she had a brother called Tran, I just knew her as Tran's sister (boom boom!!).

Mind you, if you want something REALLY bad, when I was on 120 Sqn, my crew had its own motto (as most did), it was "A L'eau C'est L'heur" (hint, don't bother to translate it, just say it - in French, of course)
charlotte honychurch

All at sea!!!!!

Very Happy Too cold for the gym slip so had to go into hiding!!!!1 Dropped my lap top, yes yes thats all!!!!!just been reunited!!!!!
Very very snowy dog has enormous snow balls!!
DAH DE DAH  hope thats right... Shocked we do agility, Rally O and Obedience. I have a rescue springer and last year he was reserve Pet Dog of the Year at local Town Carnival. At his club at Christmas awards he got a cup for being Best Rescue this year...
So what years did you grace the Miami? The pic of me is taken outside, I'm far left (in the pic) will check what number.....
We also went to the Jazz Club in Rhos on saturday nights, one up from the pier pavilion......
In 1959......I was in the third form but hadnt gravitated to wireless college lads Embarassed we sort of gravitated to them when we had outgrown the sixth form boys!!!! Rolling Eyes
Anyway too much information!!!!!I must away to my bed!!!!
Jack Edwards

Hi there Charlotte,I thought some of our more bawdy members might have put you off the site! No names no pack drill as they say. I feel a bit insulted that you 'gravitated' ie sank, to us louts from the 6th Form gentlemen!  I would have mentioned your poor dog's condition but Dah de Dah censors all our outgoings! We don't CUR,although he used to be a BOXER,so he always has a PEKE at our messages. If you think that's bad wait until Alan returns to the Fold,he's a TERRORier. Aren't you sorry you returned? Was the Jazz Club, in the old Rhos Abbey Hotel? Now sadly demolished and replaced by a block of flats. Regards,Jack.
Don Armour

Jack, your puns get nearly as bad as mine!

I once published my 10 favourite puns, hoping that it would give some amusement, unfortunately NO PUN IN TEN DID

Incidentally, I'll have you know that not only was I a Grammar School Oik but was 6th form as well (not CB Grammar School of course).


Yes Dahdedah is correct - being the letter 'K' in morse code and also an abbreviation for 'invitation to transmit'. Fitted in nicely with the email address. dahdedah@wirelesscollege ...etc.

As well as rehabilitating rescue and problem dogs we train for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards to Gold standard. We have a puppy class and also run agility classes. Rally is new to us ...but we have a special class called Gold Plus for those who have achieved Gold KC and refuse to leave! We are just starting Rally to make it more interesting or them. Spend a lot of time fund raising for rescue but fortunate to be sponsored by some well know pet food companies. In particular Joe Inglis of the TV prog 'Vets In Practice'. My wife and I founded the club in 2000 on a budget of £150!

Miami frequented from 67-69 by myself and the scooterist set. One local guy has a scooter that went backwards I recall. Mine had a fuel injection unit that used to shoot a foot long flame out of the carb..Happy days?

I think I know the pic you mean but if you have any others we are always on the look out for them. Still looking for pics of the lads actually doing some work.. very rare items.

We are having our reunion dinner on Sat 23rd March evening, although some will stay from the Friday until the Monday. I think the numbers are set now but come along to the bar and meet the crew above. Be early or some will have slid off to bed....

p.s. those puns are very RUFF and a bit DOG eared. I was quite BASSETT myself. Made me FRISE up. They are enough to BOARD A TERRIER. Must go as this post is getting MASTIFF. Enough to make you SPITZ. CHOW CHOW
Don Armour

Well Dah, at least you didn't refer to us as  bunch of SHIH TZUS!!

Something we ought to BEAGLE-ad of, at least we can RETRIEVER modicum of self-respect.

COLLIE-u later.
Jack Edwards

Oh My Gawd,in the words of the immortal Jimmy Durante,"Everybody wants to get in on the act!"Come back Alan,all is forgiven! TTFN Jack.
charlotte honychurch

Shocked  sorry I should have said   Elevated  to the wirelss college boys!!! Laughing
The pic I'm in is number 10, on the left and my friend pauline is the other, still see her regularly!!!!! Also Ian Urquhart who seemed to be at the college for ever!!!!One new years eve we walked my friend Louise home to Old Colwyn from the pier pavilion dance... and then walked back.....she was a relly of Tubby Nelson and Gordon Whale..then I got told off for being home late.......
Yes the jazz club was in Rhos down in the depths...loved it !!!!!..
well done with the dogs, terrible thefts of gun dogs at the mo...just limbering up for agility tomorrow.Obedience on wednesdays kennel club good citizen
I had passed on to college then by the time you were at the Miami with the amazing machine, more exciting than Mr Fieldens coffee maker!!!!!
charlotte honychurch


SORRY CHAPS!!!!!! Should have posted earlier in the week and wished you all HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!

for old times sake Wink
Don Armour

"Everybody wants to get in on the act!"

Oh Jack, you wouldn't have it any other way!!
Jack Edwards

Well Charlotte,I met my wife to be  Glenys one lovely early summer night at the Pat Collins Fairground,how romantic can you get. We chatted beside the juke box and discovered a mutual liking for the music of Fred Astaire,Bing Crosby,Dick Haymes etc.  Artists you won't have heard of no doubt. We could listen for free the records played from the roundabout. The rest is history! TTFN Jack.
Jack Edwards

Can one of you kids please tell me where the Miami Coffee Bar was located?  Was it as exotic as it's name implies? TTFN Jack.
Don Armour

As I recall, it was on Abergele Road but I may be wrong, I'm sure someone with a better memory than mine will correct me and, no, it wasn't particularly exotic, well, no more so than any other cafe of its day but it was a place to hang out (in a manner of speaking).


Miami was in the main High St of the Bay nearly opposite the CB Theatre which was on the other side of the road. It was also about 100 yards down the road from Sinbad's another coffee bar. Sinbads was on the corner of the road where the dance hall was. Last time we were back the Miami was a Hoover repair and sales shop and Sinbad's had become Blod's Cafe. Sinbad's was infamous for the cellar down below in the dark depths. Got thrown out of Miami by the then boss man for holding hands with my now wife of 43 years! How times have changed...I think the boss man must have had a bad day because he sort of apologised later and showed us back in. In one of the WC galleries there is a pic of Dave Parkes son of Lil Parkes who owned Wavecrest feeding the juke box in the Miami. Found Dave a while back but failed to get him along to a reunion. Was in the RAF.
Jack Edwards

Thanks,young 'uns for the information regarding that den of iniquity the Miami. Holding hands in dark cellars indeed,I'm glad I never knew it! In my day the cafe on the corner was a pawn shop,no not a porn shop! It had the traditional three balls hanging above the door. At the other end of the block opposite St.Pauls Church was Zan a large hardware shop. The last letter in the alphabet the first and the middle letter geddit? Welsh humour you see! Our hangout was the famous Adney's Snack Bar in Seaview Road. They had good lines in beans on toast and hotdogs. The Dingle Cafe was just starting to operate. Then there was the cafe in the Park. Alan will confirm that we 16 year olds never visited pubs. Well a couple of brave souls used to go to Rhyl on Saturday nights for a sly drink. Just remembered Fortes Milk Bar in Conway Road,great ice cream. A rather low brow milk bar was the National near the Railway Station. Happy days,TTFN Jack.
Jack Edwards

Meant to ask who,what,where was Wavecrest? Jack.


This was a boarding house about half mile from the college. It was owned and run by Lil Parkes and you can see her and some of the boarders in the WC galleries. I knew her son Dave a mate of mine. Others who were at the WC a lot earlier remember him as a todler. Retired from RAF now I believe. Are you watching Dave? Reunion 2013 soon..!
charlotte honychurch

colwyn bay

tee hee Razz memories.........
The miami was very small n owned by Mr Fielden with a moustache, son Tony in my class at school...good meeting place.and a bit of an innovation when it opened..
He always had his special favourites of the girls that he invited to work NEVER asked !!!!!he also had the kiosk on the prom near entrance to Dingle.
Sinbads opened later and I worked there!!!even popping down at lunch times to fit in a quick hour for 2/6d!!!!!
I also worked at the park cafe from age 15!!! loved it great fun!!!!!used to work in the little sweet kiosk then waiting on !!!!
National Milk bar by the station   yeah!!!!!!!on  the corner.
NOW WAVECREST!!!!!!in lawson road at top end of col bay en route for wireless college...i lived almost opposite but down a couple in lawson villa, great spying on lads from behind the net curtains!!!!there was also a house round the corner in Belgrave Road on way to chippie!!!!
Mo was one of the girls who worked there.
Yes I remember the amusement park down by the tunnel to the beach!!!!or was that the fair?? there was an amusement arcade down station road too on the left past smiths.
Crikey of course I remember Bing Crosy and Rosemary Clooney white christmas and Fred Astaire and ginger rogers..........I think I'm them at dance class Very Happy
such simple pleasures  like those afforded by the shelters on the prom !!!
Jack Edwards

Oh how the tone of the Forum has been lowered. Mixed couples holding hands in public,a girl who admits working in the National Milk Bar! Oh the shame of it. Thank the Lord Alan and I went to the College before these scenes of depravity! Yes the Pat Collins Site opposite the Tunnel to the Pier was a fairground. A big roundabout,bumpercars a little open shed of 'roll your pennies down the chute' a juke box,etc and later a miniature railway for carrying little kids. TTFN Jack.
charlotte honychurch

Dahdedah terrible things happening in doggy world , dog thieves struck locally, 2 springer/cocker crosses taken from kennels in garden.....2 taken 6 left!!!.'Travelled' 6 miles and one got himself free and located his shooting ground not too far away, the pretty little bitch still missing Sad so have been out and about putting Dog Lost posters around. By chance I know owners son.......
Have been asked to contribute to VioVet's Pet Fest in next village, yet to find what we have to do......
My cousin from Old Colwyn rang, she said mobile phones taking a while to catch on up there!!!!!!so MORSE STILL QUITE HANDY I SHOULD IMAGINE...I dont think Ive spoken to her since 1997...letters yes, her husband's a postie but the phone........ Sad finger must have got stuck in the dial!!!!
We also went to dances at the co-op hall just at the top of the road that went down by the Royal before it became sea view road........about 1963 some religious faction invaded and wanted us to participate in a total immersion expeirence...up til then we'd just had a bath on a sunday night!!!

Thieves about

I know what you mean. We had a case last week of a long wheel base green van following a young girl and her friend out walking her dog. Guy jumped out and tried to wrench the dog away from her. Police have been informed and we have spread the details over Face book.

Down here we have been searching for Woody a Rotti X who went missing weeks ago ..but his owners refuses to give up. We are hopeful that someone has taken him in. Woody is on Dog Lost. Been various sightings but no luck so far catching up with him.

Also have been warned of people looking for bait dogs. Seems they are entering your property on pretense of delivering leaflets or such like and then sticking up coloured markers if the house has dogs and what size they are. So if you see any coloured stickers remove and report to Police.

Our first show of the year coming up in aid of Helen Douglas House - Pooches in the park. But I will be in Llandudno so just have to prepare everything. Our club will be out in force.

I was trying to remember ...did we have two or three roll top baths in the WC basement? How many were caught out by someone suddenly opening the windows revealing all the the outside world? Bet those baths are still down there under the car park somewhere?
Jack Edwards

[b]How dare you Sir? Of course Miss Honeychurch has no knowledge of the College underground bathroom.   Er,she hasn't has she? TTFN Jack.
Don Armour

Enough of this scurrilous rumour and innuendo, back to the subject of missing dogs.

The local news this evening carried an item regarding an upsurge of lost, stolen or otherwise missing dogs in Bristol and surrounding areas, one victim had three dogs taken from HER HOME!

After a Facebook and Twitter campaign, all three were recovered from different parts of the country, all three were in an emaciated condition but were safely returned to their owner.

There are some vile people out there.
charlotte honychurch

um frequently made mistake but no e in the middle of honychurch!
2 cockers nicked here but got back within the week...lots of bait dog situations and staffies found with throats slit for the blood for the fighting dogs to get taste of.
I didnt know abt the leaflet postering thing thanks will warn dog lost co-ord in this area.
Its dog theft week from 14-21st sponsored by dog lost and viovet...see poster ad on dog lost.
ON A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SUBJECT. I AM A DAMSEL IN not that dress distess   sorry!!! well you're all men of the world you may be able to advise me and its nothing to do with the roll top baths at the wc although being so close, had I known about them I wouild have been round the corner for an eyefull!!!!
Ive had a domestic oil leak, unfortunatley the oil line went under conservatory and took a week to be repaired, well replaced but the oil fumes have made me feel really ill and dizzy, headaches etc. Have jsut read up about these and they are harmeful, raising blood pressure etc which i have anyway(too much excitement coming on here) but has anyone any idea about the toxicity and measurement of this within the home as it seems that to be completely rid of it the tiles in the conservatory and concrete below will need to be dug up......????
Thanks in advance for any bright sparks responses... er h'rrrm sorry about that.........x
Don Armour

Charlotte, don't panic, yes, oil fumes are NOT good for you (but they're not terribly toxic unless you spend a lot of time immersed in them),  two tips which MAY help:

1. Keep the house as well ventilated as climate will allow (that will help disperse any lingering fumes - OBVIOUSLY).

2. In any rooms where the smell lingers (including the conservatory) peel an ONION, cut it in half crosswise and put one half either end of the room in a saucer of water.

I have used this on many occasions after gloss painting (most gloss paint is oil based) and it absorbs the fumes remarkably quickly.

Of course, once you are rid of the fumes, discard the onions, don't cook them or you risk releasing the fumes again. (DOH!!)

This MAY work for your situation or it may not, nevertheless, it is a cheap and environmentally friendly option, so it's worth trying
Jack Edwards

Sorry Miss Honeychurch for the extra 'e' But as they say 'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.' No doubt our mentor Don will correct me on that saying!! Well I never thought we would get D.I.Y. ecological tips on this Forum.  I used to live next door to an oil refinery and served on oil tankers. Therefore I lived with the sweet scent of oil for years. It didn't affect my brain. O.K. I heard that.Who said that?  TTFNJack.

Well Well

...cant believe no one has said 'oil have to think about that! How do you like them onions? ..OK - so it didn't a'peel to you.

You might be able to get advice from your buildings insurance company as it's in their interest to sort it out quickly to prevent further cost to them should you claim for the works.

The college basement did not run to curtains back then - just frosted glass. As the main window 'looked out' onto the road it was far from private!

From speaking to local police seems the leaf letting story is a hoax - sorry. However, the case of the teenage girl who's dog they tried to take (just a mile from me) is being taken very seriously as they are not sure if it was the dog or the girl they were after.

Crufts live on U-Tube =
Jack Edwards

I don't believe it!!! While Alan's away the cats will play or is it dogs in this case. Sorry Dah,still not good enough for the Master Punsters's Society. Not a TOTAL loss,but CASTER an eye on these! Any brickbats coming my way I'll DUCKHAM and SHELL out any cash due. I think they make the GRADE. TTFN Jack.
Don Armour

OK, for the third and last time will I correct the phraseology, here it is from the Bard himself:-


     'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
     Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
     What's Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
     Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
     Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
     What's in a name? that which we call a rose
     By any other name would smell as swee

     So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd,
     Retain that dear perfection which he owes
     Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,
     And for that name which is no part of thee
     Take all myself."

I shall not dwell on this more!!

P.S. how can you NOT love such eloquence! (Not mine, Will's)
Jack Edwards

Where on the World Wide Internet can you find discussions on Shakespeare, D.I.Y. tips,World class puns!, and canine news and views from across the U.K. other than on this blessed Forum? How can you gongooglers out there resist the temptation of joining in with such learned people?  Come on in the water's warm! TTFN Jack.
Don Armour

Today's trivia, today (11th March), according to Shakespeare, this was Romeo and Juliet's wedding day (in 1302).

I REALLY need to get out more!!
charlotte honychurch

yes I have just been advised that the leaflet story was a hoax from Australia and police are putting messages on all facebook sites to advise people.....but lots of dogs disappearing....
Re oil leak, yes someone else advised re onion.
I have now had a pipe redirected but smell, FOUL smell, still there and despite freezing weather all windows open. Have advised insurance co and its deemed health and safety issue. Had blood pressure checked today as read that fumes can cause a rise in that ...and I THOUGHT IT WAS COMING ON HERE THAT HAD CAUSED IT... !!!!!!  it has gone up...BP that hoping for some technical checks  and apparently the bad air can be sucked out.The headaches and dizzy feelings are horrible tho...I suppose being sparks on tankers you would have got used to it!!!!!!
Must put ONION on shopping list!!!!Puts me in mind of 'The spaniard that blighted my life' thats a teaser?????????on that note night nightx
Bet thats the first time a x has appared on here??
Jack Edwards

Charlotte,don't tangle with Music hall afficiadoes,Hist to me while I tell you of the Spaniard that blighted my life ha, ha, ha, I'll raise a bunion on his Spanish onion if I catch him bending tonight,ha, ha, ha. An old Music Hall ditty,later covered by Al Jolson and Bing Crosby. Hope you find a solution to your oily problem. They say that matelots who served on tankers go crazy with inhaling the oil fumes. Funny it didn't affect me! (I heard that!) Regarding the non use of 'X's' on the Forum.  This used to be an male only site so that sort of thing was not encouraged. I have had my suspicions about young Armour and Smith though! TTFN Jack.
Don Armour

That would be Alphonso Spagoni, the Toreador, the Nemesis of one Billy Merson, I suspect.

As for the "x" issue and Jack's misgivings, we'll have none of that Public School nonsense here, thank you very much, even manly hugs are discouraged - far too American bah!

Anyway, we must beware of this becoming an "X" rated site...

Something to ponder, why is "X" associated with a kiss?
Jack Edwards

Well Don,the most likely answer to your poser is that when kissing between MALES and FEMALES,they share lips which is crossing together,hence the 'X'  Looking forward to seeing you at Llandudno that is if they let us rebels in!  Even now Mr.John Mottram is arranging for the A55 to be dug up as he does every year! TTFN Jack.
Don Armour

Nice try Jack but no cigar.

Hint, it's to do with literacy.

Alan, Charlotte, Dah, any ideas? Answer tomorrow if there are no takers (it's not worth asking anyone else).

Yep, I'm looking forward to THE Reunion but I'm not too bothered about landmines or John out on the A55 with his pickaxe, for I have a cunning plan!! (Spookily enough, it involves the rail network!)

Easy Peasy

Well ...way back when, (Not BC but BE - Before Edwards), a christian cross was put on documents and letters to show sincerity, faith and honesty. Now as most of the common people, (attempts to keep a straight face), could not read or write, an 'X' was also placed on documents and a kiss placed upon it as a show of their sincerity. Some secret societies known as Football Pool clubs retain this habit to this very day). (avoids use of the word 'draws' to reduce blood pressure levels).

I am not one for starting rumours or gossip ...but I have noticed that a certain former tanker RO spends a considerable amount of the reunion weekend round at the BP station with a long tube and something of a red nose. (I am sure that is not a shaving rash either). Now I know it's not the Nectar points he's after I guess old habits die hard... (pauses and waits for long series of Monks and habit puns - nun of that here please).
Don Armour

Pretty much it Jack, how it originated was, in centuries past, most people could not sign their names on documents such as contracts, enlistment papers etc, so they would "make their mark" (thumbprints and other biometrics not having been invented yet!), this was invariably a cross "X".

To seal the contract, they would, in front of witnesses, kiss the mark that they had made. (I'm not sure sincerity really came into it in comparison to legal enforcement).

As you rightly said, most could not read either, so they had little idea of what they were signing up to! (lawyers these days would have a field day with that).

Over the years, such was the association between the mark and the kiss that "X" came to represent the kiss and so it is to this day.

I REALLY, REALLY need to get out more, a situation that I intend to rectify SOON!!

"My father named me Autolycus; who being, as I am, littered under Mercury, was likewise a snapper-up of unconsidered trifles".

A Winter’s Tale, Act 4, Scene 3

P.S. "littered" in this case refers to being born (as in a litter of puppies) not to the casual discarding of rubbish.
Jack Edwards

Don,I bet your Father named you AUTOCYCLE 'cause you're always on the go! Dah,I don't know why you expected a MASS of puns such as my Mother's SUPERIOR ones,my SISTER has some good ones,wish it was tomorrow then it would be FRIARday 0nes, I must CONFESS there have been better puns,but TUCK in anyway! If I wasn't an English Nationalist I would OFFERATORY pun! Please come back Alan,all is forgiven! TTFN Jack.
Jack Edwards

Hi Y'all,Check out ITV2 9pm Thursday 14th! Congrats Dah and John for a great publicity stunt! TTFN Jack.
Don Armour

Well, it's a day too late (unless you have catchup facilities) besides which, who really cares about Atomic Kitten et al?

In any case, the BIG Reunion doesn't happen for another week - see you there!! Very Happy  Very Happy

P.S. I hope they don't televise it!!
charlotte honychurch

Got to have my conservatory floor up, wall removed rayburn taken out re oil leak, will take 4 months...thinking of moving to Llandudno to escape!!!!!!
Have air blowing out of cat flap through a pipe from under floor!!!!
Nightie night no kisses!!!!!
Don Armour

Charlotte, should you wish to take a break from your trials and tribulations in Llandudno, I'm sure we would be delighted to see you next weekend.

Your call, of course, either way our best wishes.

Ooer, it's always nasty when you've got air blowing out from your catflap!!
Very Happy  Very Happy
charlotte honychurch

You have no idea!!!!! Rolling Eyes
Only teasing...think I will have to forego the excitement in Llandudno .I hardly dare imagine what i will be missing!!!
Ive had a lot of headaches, feeling wooozy and sick so havent driven far since the oil slick...
I'm sure there will be plenty of pics on here of you all taking to the waters, one way or another....
If anyone on the list I first posted turns up say hello from me and also on behalf of all my friends who enjoyed the pleasures of the  Wink young men at the time!! some of them are having a get together in col/bay ish very soon......
Jack Edwards

Don,I write this in fear that I may be wrong and what the consequences would be if I am!!!!! In your last message should there not be a comma between 'tribulations' and 'in'? We know not what trials and tribulations  Charlotte got up to in Llandudno,do we? Alan,is it possible we have scored a point against our master and mentor? Charlotte,be thankful for small mercies re your oil slick,remember B.P. got fined millions of dollars for their oil slick! in the U.S.A. TTFN Jack.
Don Armour

Well done Edwards Major, you are, indeed, correct on all points.

Yes, there should have been a comma and yes, it reads as though Charlotte's trials and tribulations were in Llandudno, something of which, as you so rightly point out, we have no knowledge.

I guess this means I will have to buy you a beer in the London Inn!!
Jack Edwards

Aw gee,Don,thanks. It shows your tuition is at last getting through to us eager pupils. TTFN Jack. (Alan,for your eyes only. 'gloat,gloat!)
charlotte honychurch


so how was it/????????????
Don Armour

I loved it, how was it for you??
Jack Edwards

Alan,I think we'd better keep out of this conversation! A bit hot for our innocent ears! TTFN Jack.
Jack Edwards

P.S. I did warn you Alan what might happen,letting Ex R.A.F. blokes and nubile schoolgirls in gymslips loose on our Forum. This never happened in Jack and Alan's Tavern!!!TTFN Jack.[/b]
charlotte honychurch

EXHAUSTING!!!   as ever!!!!!! Wink
alan of peru

Hello Charlotte, this is the first time I have visited the Tavern having spent my time cleaning up my and Jack's Tavern after the rabble had left.
A little bit of history, I attended the WCCB in 1942 in fact the same time as Jack, yet we never met {narrow escape} Joined the Shazada in Prince Albert dock August 1943 bound for India.
When you left the WCCB in 1963 what did you do ?
charlotte honychurch

Well, sadly I didnt enjoy the pleasures of being a student at WCCB only the pleasures of being a grammar school girl who enjoyed the pleasures vicariously by 'associating' with young men who DID attend and I also lived round the corner and over the road to Wavecrest.
My mother said I was like the woman behind the aspidistras as I was always spying out from behind the net curtains.. WOW!!!!! some of the time!!!!!!!!
Many of us did go out with wireless college lads!!!!!!!!!  Very Happy
I left school and went to college in Kingston, accompanied by a wc young man who was employed by Marconi for a while.......
I then worked at the college for 4 years, met my now ex husband and became a
social worker.....................
Three years ago a number of  us colwyn Bay grammar school friends started to get together twice a year, although the one with me in the pic outside the Miami have always met one gets one wonders what happened to people, especially those one knew well...sadly some have died.
So nothing very exciting about my history.........
Don Armour

Maybe you and your friends could co-ordinate a get together with our Reunion, Charlotte, or might that be a source of some embarrassment? (Well, you know what sailors - and ex sailors - are) Very Happy  Very Happy
Jack Edwards

Be warned the 'Brylcreem Boys' are on the prowl! TTFNJack.
alan of peru

Hello all ! this is my first visit to this site cannot think why ! You are indeed very brave Charlotte mixing with this bunch of reprobates, I got wise to them from the beginning and removed myself to darkest Peru where I come to grips with the descendants of the Inca's,not quite true, I actually came here in 1978 and have lived here since that time with the exception of ten years in Florida from 1988 to 1998. which means in reality that I have spent a total of twenty five years here. I attended the WCCB during the same period as Jack 1942 to 1943, I am now like Jack an old codger of 86 years of age,don't let Jack fool you, he is not a youngish lively 48,in fact I heard many years ago that he has never been in that state, Sorry I have spilled the beans Jack !
It is now lunch time so I will remove myself forthwith,sighs of relief all round.[b]
Don Armour

What you fail to point out Alan is that it takes YEARS of dedicate practice to become a State Registered Reprobate, unless, of course, you "fast track" it via HM Forces.
alan of peru

Well Don, as a reprobate I was always in a Registered state !!
charlotte honychurch

I'm back!!!!

Have you boys been behaving???? have been dealing with my oil slick......we're a meter down into the conservatory and 3 skips, lots of old pipes, a chunk of the corner of the house taken out and now shorn up, my pipes have been blown through, no bodies found and it looks more like a cemetery than a conservatory..........might even get to peru!!!!Also got a chip stuck in my throat so been on gruel and limited speech!!!!!! Crying or Very sad
charlotte honychurch

I mean metre!!!!!!of course......
Jack Edwards

Charlotte,nice to see you back. Please stick to yards,feet and inches like I do and you wont have any meter troubles! You wouldn't have got a chip from the old Electra Chippy on Abergele Road,stuck in your throat. They were lovely! Keep digging you'll find that oil well yet. Best wishes Jack.
charlotte honychurch

Think we found the oil well...fumes were awful.....better now...worse no i'm a lady I cant possibly say that.......especially as you're all boys.......or should I say ...grown men???????
Don Armour

So, Charlotte, do we now call you "JR Ewing" and do you have a permanent invite to the "Oil Baron's Ball"?

It's good to have you back onboard, I was fearful that Jack's malicious slurs on my character (most of which were probably deserved) had frightened you off, although I'm sure you are made of much sterner stuff.

Anyway, welcome back and I hope your problems are soon sorted.
alan of peru

One would suppose that oil barons have balls occasionally !
Philip Allard

Grammar School

I seem to remember Anne Sweeney, Marna Porritt. What happened to the two twins? I bought Hugh's 6/80 I also had a pink and blue Commer van for going to Eglwys Bach for some dring and a lot of singing.

Hi All,

It s marvellous reading some of these posts. I am Alan huddart (1061-1963) and some of the  names mentioned I am sure I remember. Maybe Charlotte can help - was Hugh Gillespie from Ireland, if so he and I were in the same group and if the phote you have on the prom is the one i have then He and I are on it. I also have to admit to probably being the Alan with a beard and glasses. while at ta WC I grew the full set and then shave at the end of that term.
Terry Plant also rings a bell. I'm not 100% sure but I think Terry came to work and Portisheadradio, perhaps went to a coast staion and eventually emigrated to Canada. If there is another Terry plant around then i apologise to him but the one I think I remember has recently died out in Canada.
Hope to meet everyone at the reunion again this year.

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