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James Clarke

Health & Medical News and Innovation

This leading-edge news I have taken from the latest (Septmber) edition of Fortune magazine which arrived in today's post:

"Could a Supercomputer Beat Cancer?" by Brian Dumaine.

Dr. David Agus, an oncologist and the author of The End of Illness, says we've got cancer wrong: 'We talk about cancer as a noun, as if it's a one-time event: "I've got cancer". But the body is changing all the time. We should think about it instead as a verb: "I'm cancering". Pick up the early signs that someone's beginning "to cancer," and we might nip the disease in the bud. One way to do that is by reading our proteins, those building blocks of life. Agus worked with Danny Hillis, an inventor and former Disney Imagineer who helped develop parallel supercomputing, to found Applied Proteomics, a company that applies mass spectroscopy to capture and catalogue 360,000 different pieces of protein found in our blood plasma. Once the data are collected, the supercomputers analyze the information, looking for patterns and comparing healthy individuals with the diseased to root out those earliest warning signs.....CEO Peter Klemm says Applied Proteomics has results from ongoing clinical trials that are so promising that it should have a diagnostic test for colon cancer on the market next year. end of quotation.

That to me is exciting news and who knows we may well manage to develop early detection systems for many more fatal conditions which when caught early can be successfully treated. As one who has undergone colonoscopy (it is the prep 24 hours beforehand that is the worst part) every few years because of a high incidence of colon/bowel cancer in my immediate family I will be relieved (excuse the pun) to have an alternative which is much less invasive and nauseous.

Fortune magazine - No! I don't have the assets to go with it but I find some of its coverage very interesting and as a scientist/technologist I enjoy the relief which it offers to the drivel that now passes for newspapers here in the UK.
Don Armour

Interesting stuff James, there is quite a lot out there on "alternative" techniques to diagnose and treat various cancers - and, indeed other medical conditions.

To talk about "cancer" as if it were just one thing is a bit like talking about "birds" or "mammals" and we all accept that there wide varieties within those general groupings.

Hence the standard triple approach of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for virtually ALL types of cancer seems intuitively wrong there are simply too many variations for a "one size fits all" approach.

Surgery relies on capturing all of the cancerous cells, chemotherapy poisons the whole body despite the growing knowledge that toxins in the environment are, at least, contributory to some cancers and radiation CAUSES cancers (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Three Mile Island and Chernobyl - we have yet to judge the outcome from Fukushima only time will tell).

At last, mammograms are being seen as dangerous, maybe even a cause of breast cancer where none existed before and that's without taking into account the number of both false positives and false negatives that they have shown up over the years.

It is way way past time to take a fresh look at the whole area and a growing number of enlightened physicians are doing just that, for example thermograms for the detection of breast cancer, a non-invasive technique that doesn't use x-rays and seems to produce far fewer false results.

The daughter of a good friend of mine was diagnosed with a cancer (yes, I will still use the noun), she underwent all three of the standard treatments, was free of it for a while, then surprise, surprise, she developed malignant tumors elsewhere in her body, a process called metastasis and there is growing suspicion that chemo in particular, while it may target the original tumor, can cause this problem by disrupting the immune system or even directly affecting DNA itself.

There is much still to learn and there are many naturopathic techniques that show significant promise, however, the pharmaceutical industry, even if it bothers to investigate, have been shown to bury results they don't like or to try and control the supply and standard of any herbal or nutritional methods.

Of course, there have to be controls and standards applied to naturopathic treatments but that should come from within the "alternative" or "complementary" or "naturopathic" communities themselves, call them what you will, rather than be at the mercy of the obscenely large profit motives of "Big Pharma".

Always remember that while the pharmaceutical industry is not out to kill people, neither is it out to cure people, both would destroy their captive market, no, like any drug pusher, they want the public - that's you and me - to become dependent on their products and if there are unpleasant side effects, don't worry, we'll sell you another drug to combat that and as for any side effects from the second, well...I think you can draw your own conclusions.

Of course, sometimes there is no viable alternative to allopathic treatments but all too often there is and all too often alternatives are overlooked or dismissed however, there is more and more interest being shown in medical circles, for example, not so many years ago acupuncture was considered much the same as black magic, now you can get it on the NHS.

Oh my, I would have thought that Jack would warn you not to get me on one of my hobby-horses!!
Very Happy  Very Happy
James Clarke

I still need your address Don.

"Why, why is this?
Think’st thou I’d make a life of jealousy,
To follow still the changes of the moon
With fresh suspicions? No! To be once in doubt
Is to be resolved. Exchange me for a goat
When I shall turn the business of my soul
To such exsufflicate and blowed surmises,
Matching thy inference.
" Othello Act 3, Scene 3. Wm. Shakespeare.

Jack Edwards

James,in the very early days of the Forum it was agreed that only e-mail addresses would be exchanged and home addresses would be kept private. Seeing as some of our members have an address C/O H.M. Prisons(No names no pack drill!),you can see the sense in the rule. Very interesting medical posts. Jack ITMA
Don Armour

James, check you PMs - my call!
James Clarke

Jack Edwards wrote:
James,in the very early days of the Forum it was agreed that only e-mail addresses would be exchanged and home addresses would be kept private. Seeing as some of our members have an address C/O H.M. Prisons(No names no pack drill!),you can see the sense in the rule. Very interesting medical posts. Jack ITMA


How can one deliver a" goat" to an e-mail address?

At my persuasion Don has furnished his directly to me via PM - so I have a solution.

Now, all I need to do is find a suitable "goat" for Don's prize.

Btw Jack I answered your Poser of yesterday. Was there not a prize or even an acknowledgement?

Today, here our outdoor temperature has dropped to a cool 18.2c and the incoming tide is about 50m off-shore with waves of less than 1m in height. Our home is situated less than 300m from the shoreline which helps with sea breezes when temperatures rise in excess of 30c which they have done several times this summer. How is the weather on the Wirral Jack. West Kirby I think you  said? You must be less than 14Km from Liverpool City centre (as the crow flies) and 46Km (atcf) from our Great Orme, at Llandudno which is itself about 47Km (atcf) from our location here near the end of RAF Valley's main runway. I find it difficult to understand and comprehend the outdated Imperial measurements which our American friends stubbornly stick to (Americanisms) and find the metric system that Napoleon introduced much more intuitive and easy to use.

Looking forward to more robust discussion from anyone who wishes to chip-in.

Don Armour

Looking forward to more robust discussion from anyone who wishes to chip-in.

Good luck with that!! Forum Index -> Jack & Alans Hostilery
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