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James Clarke

Grant Kirby RIP

With sadness and a sense of inevitability I received the news from Cliff his brother that Grant had passed-away on Saturday 14th February 2015 - St. Valentine's Day after a very long succession of battles with his cancer.

A very brave and pleasant man is how I will remember Grant whom my wife Sue and I had the privilige to first meet at the 2014 WC Reunion in Llandudno. Despite his terrible illness and no doubt severe pain Grant managed to keep on smiling and he never once complained about his circumstances. He would be an inspiration to anyone who might find themselves in any way in a similar situation.

Sue and I were very pleased to have managed to call-in to see Grant just 7 days before Christmas 2014 while he was at Goscote Palliative Care Centre for his usual weekly review of medication. By this stage Grant was wheel-chair bound and unable to get around on his own. He had the dedicated and loving care of inspirational staff who helped to provide a "normal" atmosphere - ever happy and smiling. His nurse that day was expecting a baby and this news provided cheerful diversion from the sadness of Grant's condition. He never once showed any bitterness or self-pity instead being glad to share our news and chatting. When we were offered our choice of "drink" I chose a glass of Guinness and Sue choice mulled wine. Grant explained that his medication meant he could not also have alcohol. As I sat there beside him enjoying my Guinness he did say that he wished he could join me in that same activity.

I had hoped that I might have been able to take Grant out to our Motorhome (which was then our mode of travel and was parked in the grounds of the Centre) so that he could get on-the-air again via my Radio Amateur Transceiver that is fitted to the Motorhome. I told him how I had managed an SSB QSO from the Motorhome with VK3MO Ian Williams north of Melbourne just a few week prior. It would have been his last Transmission no doubt but sadly his physical condition was such that he would not have been able to get into the vehicle.

By that date (18 December 2015) Grant had reluctantly come to the conclusion that he would not be able to travel to the 2015 WC Reunion. However, I asked if he would like to join-in a Skype call from Llandudno on the weekend - to which his answer as always was positive. Sadly, that Skype transmission will not now take place but I am sure we who got to know Grant, for however short a time, will have fond memories of a lovely joyful, brave and humorous man whose premature passing will leave us that much poorer.

Attached (hopefully) are some photos from our Goscote Palliative Care Centre) visit showing Grant lying back in his special Wheel-chair.

May he rest in peace and may he enjoy testing the "Ether" up there in Radio Heaven along with the many other ROs that have gone on to their eternal reward.


James Henry Clarke
Isle of Anglesey

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RIP Grant

So very typical of Grant to be upbeat right to the end. Only last week when we spoke on the phone he was making plans and hoping to make reunion 2015. I would often tell Grant he was the luckiest unlucky man I know. We will miss him.
Jack Edwards

Hello Don,an expert's view please on why the Russians are starting to approach our air and sea space?  What do you think of the 'Bear'aircraft? Jack.
Jack Edwards

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Grant Kirby - Silent Key

I have heard this morning from Grants sister who is contacting his friends.
If you wish to say farewell to Grant the arrangements for his burial are:
Date & Time: Wednesday 25th February at 12 noon.
Place: St Thomas Church, St Thomas Close, Aldridge. WS9 8SL.
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