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Cyril Smith - WC 1936

We have received an email from Cyril's daughter who has told us,

''My Father passed away on 11th December 2014.'' (Cyril was 94 years young.)

''I know he loved coming to the reunion dinners. I also enjoyed them and hearing the stories from ex students who seemed to be scattered all over the world. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you and all the organisers of the event for keeping us informed of items of interest and making both my Father and I so welcome.''

Susan went on to say,

''My Father used to jump off the end of the pier for bets to make enough money to take my Mother to the cinema and afterwards to Fortes (both now no longer with us)! This was only one of the stories Dad used to tell us about his time at the Wireless College and there were many others!!

My best wishes for the future.


Susan Roberts

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