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College buttons on eBay

Hi Guys, I recently spotted some WC cuff buttons on eBay so I contacted the seller as he had some from Southampton WC and some from CB WC. I thought one of you chaps may like a keep sake? He replied as follows.

Hello Dave, just a note to let you know that I have listed the Colwyn Bay cuff buttons, the ebay item number is 161229036207 and I will accept any offer of $30 although they are listed for $45. If for some reason any of your colleagues have any issues making offers on this or the Southampton buttons please let me know. I appreciate your efforts with your group, occasionally I get a WW2 veteran in my store and I always hope they offer some insight regarding their service without my prompting...I can't imagine asking them to talk about their experiences as so many prefer to remain silent. They are dieing off rapidly and they really are the greatest generation. Thanks and take care, finest regards, John

- larsson

Nice response from Laarsson. Let me know if any of you choose to buy or correspond . Dah Forum Index -> Jack & Alans Hostilery
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