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A Touch of Sci Fi ? Arthur C Clarke

A while back Pete and I were corresponding with an author, Rob Godwin, carrying out research with the intention of writing a book about Arthur C Clarke. The original post is on this forum. He was researching that Arthur may have attended the Wireless College.

Me again. Continuing with my research I came across the sad story of Trevor Cusack of Halifax. He was a member of the Manchester Astronautical Society and trained to be a Merchant Wireless operator. He passed his exams in October 1940. He was killed in action on his first voyage on November 27th 1940.

I suspect that to undergo this sort of training at that time, living in Manchester, he probably attended Colwyn Bay. I was wondering if any of your contacts might remember him?

It's just for anecdotal research but I know for a fact that he was good friends with Arthur C. Clarke. If he attended Colwyn Bay that would draw Arthur a LOT closer to the school.

All the best and thanks


Does anyone know Trevor?

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